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Peacebuilding and Human Security


[Call for Paper]

A quarter century has passed since the release of the Agenda for Peace in 1992, which, retrospectively, can be marked as the beginning of recent surge in peacebuilding research and practice. The institutionalization of the term “peacebuilding” appears to be a success, as many organizations around the globe incorporated the term framing their own activities in post-conflict and transitional countries. More than a quarter century after the Agenda for Peace, peacebuilding has successfully proved to the international community that it is not a passing fad. At the same time, the term “peacebuilding” is under extensive review. Many interesting questions are being asked by various researchers from different parts of the globe. These questions range from asking about lessons learnt to reflect upon for the future activities, to questioning about assumptions of peace that is being built by the international community. Some problematize the quality of peace that is being built by asking a question –– Whose peace? –– which seems to suggest a link between the term “peacebuilding” and “human security.” We would like to continue this discussion on peacebuilding in Hiroshima –– a city that became a symbol of peace after many years of post-war reconstruction process.


The conference will take place over two days. The first day is composed of lectures by keynote speakers, followed up by a discussion with panelists. The second day welcomes single paper and panel proposals on issues relating to Peacebuilding and Human Security, including but not limited to: Peacebuilding by the international community; peacebuilding by local actors; theoretical and empirical studies on peacebuilding and human security; human security and dignity; natural and man-made disasters; and development and empowerment.


[How to Apply]

Deadline for paper and panel proposals: September 30th (Sun), 2018 (Japan Standard Time).  [New]  October 18th (Thu), 2018 (Japan Standard Time). Call for Paper is now closed.


The Conference Organizing Committee will examine the submitted proposal. Accepted proposals will be notified by the mid October.


Proposals should be 250 words maximum and sent to the following address:


* Please change [at] to @


Once accepted, the presenter is requested to submit either (i) the paper (approx. 4000 words) or (ii) a summary/outline of the presentation for commentators and panel chairs by November 11th (Sun), 2018 (Japan Standard Time).


Please note that prospective presenters need to be members of the JAHSS. For more information, visit our web site.


Please also note that, unfortunately, there is no travel grant for the participants.